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Name of school : Shizuoka International Language School (Shizuoka Kokusai Gengo Gakuin)

Chairman : Hiroyuki Suzuki

Principal : Masayuki Itagaki

Established in October, 1989 as a division of Chuen Denshi Kougyou Co., Ltd.

Characteristics and Qualifications of school

This school is authorized by the Promotion Association of Japanese Language Education that is controlled by the Ministry of Justice, and has evidently been very proud of its highly evaluated achievements ever since its beginning.

In this school, many pre-college students from various countries can enjoy school life, make friends and of course become much proficient in Japanese Language.

This school is located geographically at the center of Japan, with pleasant and a comfortable as well as a suitable and an educational environments. Our classrooms are separated from others, and available dormitories exclusively for students provide all the satisfactions and conveniences for pre-college students to stay here in the mild climate city of Fukuroi.

Capacity of Students : 180 students

2-years course for pre-college students
Foreign residents in Japan are also acceptable at any time.

School Entrance:April and October
Classroom Hours : 8:30-12:00  / 13:10-16:40
from Monday through Friday (Special classes are carried in the afternoon)

contact our office or come to our website.

Session Number of students Application Period Apply to immigration bureau Announcement of result Complete admission process by 
April 103 September - End of October December End of February  End of March
October 77 April - Middle of May June End of August  End of September

Payment Tables

Payments to the school are as shown as follows:

<School Expenses>

fees 6months 1year 1.5years 2years
 Application fee ¥20,000   -  -
entrance fee ¥120,000 - - -
tuition ¥276,000 ¥270,000 ¥270,000 ¥270,000
outside school ¥40,000 - - -
total ¥456,000 ¥270,000 ¥270,000 ¥270,000
payments by entrance end of Mar
end of Sept
Visa renewal end of Mar
end of Sept

 Above payments do not include payments for the textbooks and learning materials.
If students drop out of this school before official graduation, those payments are not refundable.
This school has a scholarship system for the excellent students who will have achieved a certain level at graduation. The scholarship will be given at graduation. As for the detail, please contact our office.


fees 2 persons / room 1 persons / room
entrance registeration* ¥10,000 ¥10,000
maintenace* ¥50,000 ¥50,000
deposit* ¥30,000 ¥30,000
monthly roomcharge ¥13,000×6months ¥18,000×6months
total ¥168,000 ¥198,000

If you need dormitory of this school, your payments as shown in the above are required at the procedures for entry to this school.
*This expense is necessary only in the first time.

Qualification of the Applicant

  • Any person who does not have Japanese nationality
  • Any person who has complete 12 years of education at schools in a foreign country or a course that is found equivalent or superior thereto
  • Any person who has proved through some form of examination that he/she has N5 level of Japanese language of higher
  • Any person who has the certificate of completion of Japanese language education more than 150
    hours in home country
  • Any person who has graduated from high school or university in two years
  • Any person who has a reliable guarantor and an expense bearer

Documents Required For Applicaion

<for the applicant>

  1. Application for admission to the school
  2. Personal history
  3. Purpose of learning Japanese language
  4. Graduation certificate of final education
  5. Results certificate of final education (for each grade)
  6. Certificate of completion of Japanese language education issued by the school
  7. Certificate of passing the higher level than N5
  8. Official copy of family register(including all family members)/ birth certificate
  9. 8 copies of your own photograph (4cm x 3cm). Please write your name on the reverse side of all photographs

<for the guarantor and expense bearer>

  1. Document certifying the ability to pay all expenses (prescribed form---APP-4)
  2. Certificate of employment issued by the employer or Individual business owner registration certificate
  3. Certificate of income for last 3 years
  4. Certificate of tax payment for last 3 years
  5. Certificate of deposit balance issued by the bank
  6. Photocopies of Bank books for last 3 years
  7. Official copy of family register(including all family members)


If you write the above documents in language other than Japanese, please attach documents translated into Japanese.
All the documents are written in Japanese, therefore, you may need a help of other people who can read and write Japanese language.