〈Consultation & Request〉

Office hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 10A.M. to 5P.M.
         Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 10A.M. to 6P.M.

E-mail    : 24hours
1.Interview Consultaion  
  Interview consultation is necessary for immigration procedures, naturalization procedures, etc.
  Please feel free to make an appointment for interview consultation.
2.Telephone Consultation & Making appointments
  Please feel free to call Otaka.Business Office
  Making appointments for a telephone consultation or an interview consultation
  can be done by e-mail.
  We will accept consultations for procedures and verify your personal status by telephone or interview only.

E-mail   To. Otaka Business Office
      Topic: Immigration & Naturalization procedures

Otaka Business Office
1F,Shin−Nakacho Building,10-101-2 Otemachi,Aoi−ku,Shizuoka−City,Japan420-0853
E-mail: m-otaka@ny.tokai.or.jp

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水曜日・金曜日・土曜日      午前10時〜午後6時
1.面談    入管許可申請&帰化許可申請の依頼には面談が必要です。電話で予約をしてください。
2.電話相談: お気軽に相談下さい。
3.Eメール : メールでは電話相談や面談の予約受付、事務的な問い合わせのみ受付致します。

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Tel: 054-252-7540
E-mail: m-otaka@ny.tokai.or.jp